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My name is Mirela Nadler and I am an Esthetician in Orange, CA. I created this page so that my clients could tell others what they like about the services that I provide.

If you have never met me, please take a moment to see what others are saying. If you are a client of mine, please leave a review and share with others why you come to see me!

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  1. Fatima Maniyar says:

    I was travelling thru Orange County and happend to walk by the Marc Leigh Salon & Spa and boy was I lucky to get an appointment with Mirela Nadler . My skin was in a terrible condition and Mirela adviced me to get an acne facial and did a great job clearing up my skin .Thanks for the extra tips and facial Mirela .Will always remember your advice .

  2. Fred Richards says:

    The one thing Mirela won’t tell you is how many celebrities are clients of hers. These are huge, major A list people, so I am sure she has to protect their privacy and safety. She won’t even discuss them with me (more than once I have seen someone up close and personal (some with their security), leaving her spa room). It is because I use the back door (its closer to where I park) that over the years I have crossed paths with people you would never believe would leave Hollywood or Beverly Hills her expertise. You can ask her, but she is a pro all the way, she doesn’t give up anything other than a smiling poker face. If I was a celebrity, I would trust her with my secrets 🙂 In the meantime, I’m telling you, but my friends don’t know that Mirela is my secret fountain of youth! I am a male and a have been a long time (15 year) client of Mirela’s. Skin care by someone who knows what Mirela does, really works. I am nearly 60 and am commonly mistaken for being in my early 40’s. People do not believe my age. I have had to pull out my ID to prove it many, many times to prove the point. I get waxing, eyebrows, facials, whatever she suggests – she is always right! Seriously! If you want to find out how great you can look – it is super affordable, and Mirela is someone you will look forward to seeing! Highly recommended. Lets keep her busy in Orange, I don’t want to have to drive to Beverly Hills or Hollywood to see her!

  3. Jana Sunderland says:

    I have been a client of Mirela’s for almost 2 years and she is by far the best Esthetician I have ever had. My brows and lashes are very blonde, Mirela chose the perfect dye color to enhance both. I never had much of a brow before, but Mirela has shaped and colored them so now they are beautiful. In addition, Mirela has always been very accommodating with appointments. She has even come to the salon to do me when she would normally be off. She is kind and I enjoy our time together.
    Jana Sunerland

  4. Cheryl Markovitz says:

    I have been a customer of Mirela’s for over 6 years. During that time I have gotten a facial once a month, I also have facial hairs removed about 4 times a year. She waxes/shapes and colors my eye brows and also dyes my lashes. I would of never thought to do this on my own, but at one of my facial appointments, she said you have lovely eyes, but your lashes are washed out. She suggested the dying of the eyelashes and I have to admit it made a world of difference. Mirela is knowledgeable and up to date on new products. She always knows just what facial mask to use, what my face needs for that particuliar time of year. She is professional and friendly. The atmosphere is very relaxing and I have been known to fall asleep. I really enjoy the neck, shoulder and arm massage she gives with the facial. She is a very warm and friendly person. I love being her client and look forward to my monthy visits. I HIGHLY recommend her services.

  5. Ann B Belin says:

    I have been a client of Mirela for over 25 years. She has kept me looking great. Before it was a common practice, she gave me eyelash perms and died them. I couldn’t believe what a difference it made and I had such confidence with the enhancements she provided. To this day, I need her magic touch and soothing facials as I doze off to beautiful music while she does her transformation of an aging lady! Thank you, Mirela for your many years of providing me with many moments of serenity and beauty.

  6. Terry Simpson says:

    For over 10 years, Mirella has been tinting my eyebrows and lashes. I get so many complements on my eyes and as a fair skinned, redhead, It’s great to have eyes that don’t just fade into your skin tone. When on vacation, it is wonderful to not have to take time to put on makeup just to have facial features.

    She is a wonderful, caring, professional that I highly recommend to anyone looking for that special treatment to revitalize your appearance .

  7. Marysol Soto says:

    Thank you Mirela for such a great time this morning, my happy hour @10 am without alcohol instead a very relaxing time while having my brazilian done then>
    The perfect sexy, wild view to my side
    There’s only one place where you can have it Girls!
    that’s right! Mirela”s
    Book your appointment today, get ready for your valentine!
    Marysol Sotofacrori

  8. Marysol Soto says:

    Mirela always makes me feel beautiful and confident about my self! I love going into the shower after my workouts with so much confidence, her professionalism and cheerful attitude give a very special and unique experience ,
    Girls don’t be shy and get a brazilian wax today!
    Her soft hands will pamper your skin with a facial and a massage plus she will give the perfect shape to your eyebrows, I start recommended Mirela to all my friends
    and we all become loyal friends and customers with her since 7 years ago.
    Start your new year keeping your shape into beauty ,
    feeling sexy and energetic : )

  9. Marissa Hronicek says:

    I have been regularly seeing Mirela for approx. 2 years. She is professional, an expert at what she does and makes you feel totally comfortable. If you get a wax, she chats with you so that your mind is off of the fact that you’re getting waxed. I would recommend her to all of my friends and I have. I will always be one of her clients.

  10. Jeanne Medici says:

    I just want to say Mirela was so professional and made my first experience with a Brazilian Wax easy and stress free. I am always so happy with her service and wonderful personality.

  11. george caban says:

    I have been seeing Mirela for about 2 years. Just because my wife goes to MIrela for many years and each time I had a chance to speak a few words with her. Each time my wife proposed to me to try the facial, but I as man conssider that it is not for me, till one New Years Eve. My wife made a complaint regarding my eyebrow and the complexion of my skin. End of story – both of us are now regulary at Mirela’s as clients!

  12. Lynne Crowley says:

    I have been a client of Mirela’s for approx. 4 years. With her professionalism, expertise and the way she makes you feel so comfortable, I would definitely recommend Mirela and have. The atmosphere is a relaxing one and you leave feeling refreshed. Bottom line, I will always be a client.

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